Offshore wind energy is an industry with enormous development potential. By 2040, we will be able to produce 60% of electricity from the Baltic Sea, which will lead to Gdańsk in becoming the heart of the offshore ecosystem. That is why we want to build awareness about the importance of the offshore wind industry today.

We are creating a Blue Baltic Community

Incubator STARTER invites you to co-create the Blue Baltic Community, which aims at connecting the world of offshore wind energy with the world of modern technologies and more!

Blue Baltic Community is an initiative that provides a space for discussion, exchange of experiences and mutual inspiration between representatives of the offshore wind energy and representatives of the technology and innovation industries.

We want to initiate a dialogue that will allow us to recognize the potential of existing technologies or create new solutions for the offshore wind industry. Blue Baltic Community is also a community of people interested in the offshore wind energy industry, but also in the broadly understood economy of the Baltic Sea.

As part of the activities of the Blue Baltic Community in 2023, there was a conference, opening the project and introducing the subject of the Project, as well as a series of five meetings of working groups, the aim of which was to establish a dialogue between the offshore wind industry and the technological and innovation industry in order to create new solutions.