STARTER Incubator, as part of the Blue Baltic Community project, financed by the City of Gdańsk, is developing a database and map of enterprises and stakeholders in the offshore wind industry, containing data on their activities and position in the supply chain and life cycle of offshore wind farms.

The purpose of the database is to support building of a cooperation network between entrepreneurs and stakeholders operating in the offshore wind sector, to facilitate entry into the supply chain and to connect production and service companies with companies that need a given product or service.

All people who would like their company to appear on the map, please contact and fill out application form.

Project preparation and management

Offshore Wind Energy - engineering consulting and management
Environmental research
Obtaining permits
Offshore Wind Energy - engineering and design

Design and production of components

Wind Turbines
Engineering and design services
Turbine foundation
Engineering and design services
Truss foundations - jacket
Transition piece
Corrosion protection
Production of secondary steel components
Engineering and design services
Export cables
Inter-array cabling
Land cables
Offshore substation (OSS, offshore transformer, offshore substation)
Engineering and design services
Offshore transformer station - EPC
Offshore transformer station - TOPSIDE construction
Electrical system and components
Other appliances, facilities or equipment
Onshore substation
Engineering and design services
Onshore substation - EPC
Buildings, access and security
Construction works, laying land cable, electrical works
Electrical system and components
Other appliances, facilities or equipment
Operational base
Engineering and design services
EPC Operational Base
Buildings, access and security
Other appliances, facilities or equipment

Construction of vessels

Engineering and design services
Installation and service vessel construction
Construction of support units at sea and CTVs
Vessel equipment
Other services related to the construction of vessels


Engineering and design services
CTV units
Research vessels
Service vessels
Support Units
Installation vessels

Installation and commissioning of a wind farm

Engineering and design services
Maritime logistics (coordination and others)
Ports for the installation phase
Offshore installation work
Services for the maritime industry
UXO and specialist services

O&M & Service Ports

Engineering and design services
Service ports (operations, logistics, shore base operations)
Service Ports - Maritime Logistics
Services and procurement for O&M
Usługi utrzymania i serwisu MEW

Maintenance and servicing of Offshore Wind Farms

Safety of service operations
Health and Safety Inspections


Engineering and design services
Demolition of elements at sea
Demolition of elements on land
Disposal or recycling of components

Services provided at individual stages of the Offshore Wind Farms life cycle

Advisory, consulting and project management companies
Legal and administrative services
Financial services
Recruitment services
Performance optimization
Monitoring and control
Staff training
Other services

Business support organizations, scientific units, R&D

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